To detox or not to detox...?!

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Here we have found ourselves with the SECOND DAY in a row where we can actually wear our t-shirts outside and feel warm! Everyone is happier, you can just sense it.  And since we can now officially say that Spring has sprung, we need to talk detox.  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (which is the philosophy that created acupuncture) our liver is most active during the Spring.  And because our liver does SO MUCH for us on the reg, we can take advantage of this time by nourishing the liver to do what it does most effectively, setting us on a good path for the year ahead.  

What Does a Detox Entail?

While everyone will tell you different things (and likely they will all be right in their own ways), the style of detox I recommend to my patients is typically 14 days long, involves a MAJOR clean-up in diet, focus on sweating through exercise and baths, as well as some key nutrients in supplement form that give your liver the essentials it needs to work most effectively.  

What Will a Detox Do For Me?

While a short detox like I mentioned above isn't going to transform your liver forever, it certainly allows your liver to take a much-needed break.  And don't we all need a break sometimes?!  The liver is responsible for processing all that we put into and on our body (food, drinks, alcohol, medications, supplements, air, pollution, creams, makeup, soaps) as well as helping the body to package any unwanted toxins and send them out of our body effectively. 

Photo by  Alexei Scutari  on  Unsplash
  • Lose Weight - While partially to do with your liver getting some much-needed help from the supplements I use, the diet is also super clean, and gets rid of any potential inflammation-causing foods in your diet.  That loss of inflammation often leads to healthy weight loss!
  • More energy - For similar reasons to the above.  Also, I recommend additional practices that help you really focus your energy on self-care to the max.
  • Mental Clarity - The first few days will feel foggy being off coffee (yes, you read that right!) but then you'll be coasting through the day, clear-headed and without that mid-afternoon slump you're used to.
  • Clear Skin
  • Better sleeps at night
  • Hormonal support ie. decreased PMS, period cramps

Long-term Benefits!

While seeming very strict at the outset, by the end of two weeks you will know exactly what to eat to keep you full, how many snacks to pack and water to bring with you if you're going to be on the road, and have implemented some really awesome (and easy!) ways to support your overall health.  These practices are things you can carry forward in whatever way works for you.  Basically, you will have some new tricks up your sleeve in order to live a more health-ful life ahead.  

So give your body a nice Spring cleanup!  Come see me so we can chat more about what type of detox would best suit your needs.  

~Dr. Rush, ND