There are so many "super foods" available these days, that it's hard to keep track of what does what, and why we should eat one over the other.  


Read below for the nitty gritty on 5 super foods that you may or may not have heard of, and why you should give them a try.  


·       High in Omega-3 fatty acids: anti-inflammatory, brain health, heart health

·       Great source of Fibre: regulates digestion, binds cholesterol and toxins, promotes satiety (feeling full!)

·       High in Calcium: supports bone health, supports muscle function

·       High in Phosphorous: supports bone health, component of all cells, energy production

·       High in Manganese: antioxidant, wound healing, supports liver detoxification

*add to smoothies, make puddings – becomes gelatinous in water


goji berries.jpg

·       High in Antioxidants: strengthens immunity, supports detoxification

·       High in Vitamin C: Protects from heart disease, supports collagen development, boosts immune system

·       High in Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): energy production, eye health, migraine prevention

·       High in Selenium: thyroid health, antioxidant

·       High in Iron: blood production, energy, mood

*soak in water or eat dried; add to smoothies, sprinkle over oatmeal


·       Reproductive Health: balances hormones (PMS, menopause), aphrodisiac

·       Combats stress: Supports body’s production of stress hormones when needed

·       High in Vitamin C: see Goji berries

·       High in Vitamin B6: supports nervous system, decreases stress, supports blood health

·       High in Iron: see Goji berries

*add powder to smoothies

4. CACAO (cocoa)

·       High in Flavonoids: antioxidants that prevent cancer and age-related illness ie. Alzheimer’s

·       Prevents heart disease: lowers blood pressure, supports overall heart health

·       High in Magnesium: Muscle relaxation, energy production, supports heart health

·       High in Copper: Antioxidant, collagen production, energy production

·       High in Iron: see Goji berries

*use powder in smoothies, add to coffee, use nibs on cereal or yogurt


·       High in Flavonoids: see cacao

·       High in Vitamin A: eye health, boosts immune system, skin health

·       High in Fibre: see chia

·       High in Vitamin C: see goji berries

·       High in Iron: see goji berries

* use on yogurt or salads or as snack